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Our Products

KATINKO 10 grams
SRP: Php 29.50

KATINKO 10 grams

Used for on- the-go people at work and in offices.
KATINKO 30 grams
SRP: Php 69.50

KATINKO 30 grams

Designed for home-use but also compact enough for on-the-go usage. Beneficial for rubs and massages.
KATINKO Ointment Stick
SRP: Php 39.00

KATINKO Ointment Stick
KATINKO Oil 50ml
SRP: Php 79.50

KATINKO Oil 50ml neck and shoulder rub.
KATINKO Oil 10 ml roll-on
SRP: Php 32.50

KATINKO Oil 10 ml roll-on
KATINKO Oil 35 ml
SRP: Php 62.50

KATINKO Oil 35 ml
KATINKO Sports Spray 50ml
SRP: Php 125.00

KATINKO Sports Spray and Shoulder Rub are ideal for athletes and those doing any kind of physical activities.
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KATINKO Oil 35 ml

SRP: Php 62.50 KATINKO Oil 35 ml