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Ease morning aches, stiffness, or back pain!

Katinko oil and ointment ease many ailments: body pain, muscle pain, headaches, flatulence, leg pain, bruising and itching.

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#KaTeam mo sa lahat ng oras!

About Greenstone Pharmaceutical HK, Inc.

Greenstone Pharmaceutical HK, Inc. manufactures and markets world-class consumer healthcare products. 

Our pioneering brand KATINKO has been a key player in the market throughout its introduction in Hong Kong. In 1980, KATINKO and various products were introduced in the Philippines.

In 2008, our company has expanded its production plant and laboratories in the Philippines with a mission to create high quality products and help create more jobs.

At present, we have an office in Quezon City which houses the marketing and support teams, and a Production Center and Laboratory in Anabu, Cavite.

We constantly work on being a caring company. We are an advocate of developing programs for societal progress that is seen and implemented in every aspect of our organization. Our sincerest intention for social development is our way of contributing to our society.

About Us
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